Fall...A Favorite Time of Year in Sonoma County


I've always loved Fall here in Sonoma County.  The weather is typically gorgeous, with crisp, cool nights and pleasant, sunny days.  College football is back, and it's one of my favorite sports to watch (Go UW Huskies).  Of course, it's tough to sit down inside for long enough, given how beautiful it is outside.  A couple of my clients have "outdoor" rooms, which allow them to watch games while still enjoying the weather.  While I don't have that, I do enjoy another type of show...the daily gatherings out back such as the one pictured above.

It's also nearly time for the annual Harvest Fair.  That's one of our favorite festivals.  I put together a little video about it years ago that you can watch here: Area Videos.  

Right after the Harvest Fair, you can enjoy art from a wide variety of local artists.  Here is the website for Art Trails: Art Trails

If your plans for Fall include buying or selling a home, it's a great time to do so.  We're beginning to see better balance in the market.  For more info or help, just reach out to me.